The theme of The Khazanah Report 2016 (TKR2016) is Sharing True Value. It builds on how we describe the essence of our work at Khazanah, Building True Value, which has been the overarching theme of The Khazanah Reports since the inaugural edition published in 2013.

Khazanah is primarily an investment house focused on long-term value creation to generate financial returns that, among other things, enable us to undertake value distribution activities. As a strategic investment fund with an overall financial, strategic and societal mandate, the element of sharing is present in how we approach our value creation and in our value distribution efforts and initiatives. We highlight both facets of sharing true value throughout this report.

Sharing True Value is also reflected on the report’s cover, where the overall graphic design illustrates how we build and share true value at many levels. It symbolises the interconnected and broad-ranging network that encompasses the activities of Khazanah and the multiple stakeholders that we work with.

To provide further insight into the theme, the following pages also feature call-outs on activities, and quotes from our staff and partners. The theme is further demonstrated through three case studies, which elaborate on our broad efforts in the education sector, the landmark transaction taking toll highway operator PLUS Malaysia private in 2011, and the Kembara journey that our senior staff undertake every year.

“Khazanah has an important role to ensure that it not only focuses on financials, but also the long term sustainable growth and societal needs of the country.”

Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Abdul Razak
Chairman, Khazanah Nasional Berhad

(Excerpt from Chairman’s Message, The Khazanah Report 2016)

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