Khazanah’s employees are crucial source of strength of this institution. They are critical to our ability to deliver on our mandate and be an effective strategic investment fund of the Government. From a staff strength of 30 employees in 1994, we have grown to more than 450 talented individuals today.


At Khazanah, we are guided by our core values which governs our conduct, shape our culture and defines who we are as an organisation and delineate what we advocate and how we operate with one another, our partners and stakeholders.


Our strength is our people. As a group of highly motivated individuals, we are committed to working together to achieve true value. We encourage cooperative efforts across all levels and activities, and continually share ideas and knowledge towards a common goal.


We value differences and treat everyone with the same respect that we expect from others. We are fair and honest in all our dealings, and always maintain confidentiality. We inspire and enable our people to achieve high performance and we believe all individuals want to achieve their fullest potential.


We strive for speed and accuracy. We give every task our full degree of care and commitment, and attend to matters with a sense of immediacy. We boldly seek out new opportunities in pursuit of our nation’s economic interests while ensuring sustainability in each of our investments and initiatives.


We do what is right without exception. We believe in good governance and operate ethically; always staying within the letter and spirit of the law.


We are accountable and responsible for all that we do. Timeliness is fundamental to our work processes: we always keep to our word and promises made. To ensure the best value possible for our partners and stakeholders, we do not wait for opportunities to arise but take pro-active measures to make them happen.

“Sharing True Value adds significant meaning to the work I do here at Khazanah in the human capital space. It drives me to strive beyond my limits to deliver initiatives that are in line with the fourth pillar of Khazanah’s mandate - active development of human capital for the nation.”

Wan Jaihaniza Sheikh Mohd Jamaluddin
Vice President, Strategic Human Capital Management

Internal Meetings and Events

Our people do not just work for Khazanah, they help define it. Employees are encouraged to participate in sharing the culture and ethos of Khazanah. Engagement sessions with the Senior Leadership Team are regularly scheduled where our employees gain first-hand information on the direction and performance of the organisation and are able to express their thoughts and raise questions.

“Sharing true value to me means providing the best-in-class facility management and maintenance services to all my fellow Khazanah staff. Having a comfortable work place and reliable office facilities facilitate a productive working environment which contribute to our nation-building effort.“

Hatta Ilias
Associate, Corporate & Support Services

Around the Office

We try to foster a culture of hard work and quality of delivery, but in a supportive environment with strong teamwork, mutual respect and a spirit of good humour. A positive and enjoyable workplace is not only healthy for employees and the organisation, it delivers better results.

As environmental awareness is important for our future generations. Working closely with Khazanah and our partners enable us to deliver high quality print solutions that are sustainable to the environment.

Krishnaakumaran Munian
Director, HK Network Sdn Bhd (Subsidiary of Nets Group Malaysia, a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified printer)

Outside the Office

Our people are more than just Khazanah employees – they excel in other spheres of life. We encourage them to receive continuing education and to contribute to civil society organisations. Khazanah organises regular events such as our annual family days and multi-event sports carnival, and group retreats. Our employees are individuals with diverse talents and actively participate in many extracurricular activities including music, writing, sports, environmentalism, and community activism.

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