BUILDINGTRUE VALUE towards a globally
competitive Malaysia


The theme for The Khazanah Report 2017  (TKR2017) is Towards a Globally Competitive Malaysia. It is part of Khazanah’s vision of being a leading strategic investment house that creates sustainable value for a globally competitive Malaysia. We undertake financial, strategic and societal initiatives to create long-term value that deliver returns for the country through our domestic and international presence, and that of our investee companies. In doing so, we support international best practices and initiatives in corporate governance and sustainable long-term value creation. More

The theme is reflected on the cover of this report, where the skyline encircling the globe symbolises our international footprint, represented by our regional presence in China, India, Turkey, United States and United Kingdom, with Malaysia at the core. The various sectors we are involved in are also featured, spread across the world. 

To provide further insights into the theme, TKR2017 also features call-outs that highlight Malaysia’s global competitiveness, the internationalisation of our investee companies, and quotes from our staff. This is further illustrated through three case studies, which respectively, elaborates on the work that we do in China, where the first of our regional offices is located; leveraging of regional complementarities between Malaysia and Singapore through our strategic investment in joint developments with Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited via M+S Pte Ltd; and further supporting social inclusivity and directly delivering impactful returns to individuals and communities in need through the Hari Hasanah initiative.

An Overview of an Institution

Khazanah continues to grow as an institution, underpinned by a robust governance and accountability framework. Our Board of Directors, led by our Chairman, Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, guides the efforts of our management in executing our mandate.

Financial Review

Strong financial capability and sustainable financial growth are vital towards fulfilling our commercial and strategic roles.


Khazanah adopts an active role and macro-management approach as shareholder in its drive for transformative results. We partner our investee companies in a collaborative manner to venture into new markets and work with public and private sector entities to help catalyse growth and development of Malaysia.


Khazanah’s mandate goes beyond value creation in the financial and strategic spheres. We are also tasked with delivery of societal returns, as part of our role in helping Malaysia to achieve developed nation status with a high-income, sustainable and inclusive economy.

Building An Institution

Strong institutions are the foundation of a strong nation. At Khazanah, we are dedicated to doing our part in consolidating our achievements and experiences into an institution that will continue to deliver with consistency. Our people are our key asset, we nurture an environment of integrity, professionalism, diligence, teamwork and mutual respect. To develop our employees, we invest significantly in the necessary processes and infrastructure required to grow and support human capital.


Each year, The Khazanah Report features case studies to illustrate and give further clarity and depth on how we approach the demands of our mandate. This year, we discuss how Khazanah contributes towards a globally competitive Malaysia through our internationalisation efforts and leverage on regional complementarities. We also look at our value distribution effort back to the rakyat.


Our global presence allows us to form stronger ties with partners around the world, identify opportunities that enhance the regionalisation of our investee companies, and contribute towards building the nation’s long-term competitiveness.

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