UEM Group’s collaboration with Google Malaysia in organising coding, circuitry and robotics makerthons for school going students aged between 13 and 17. The initiative is part of UEM Group’s education initiative named Project STAR (Share, Think, Ask, Respond).

Khazanah’s investment strategy is aligned to the national development agenda. Our approach is driven by our mission to create true value for a globally competitive Malaysia.

Our investments are primarily commercially driven, anchored on financial value creation while also taking into account economic contribution, in terms of job creation, technological content, societal returns and other forms of economic multipliers.

Our investments cut across different types of transactions, from corporate exercises to large-scale development projects. All investments are rigorously evaluated and submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration and approval.

Part of our investment strategy can be seen in efforts to further strengthen our Core Investments, which are chiefly the Government’s commercial assets that we hold and manage. Our investee companies are some of Malaysia’s largest companies and leading players in their respective sectors.

Regional Presence

A growing theme of our investment, is regionalisation, which enables us to tap into growth in markets outside Malaysia

Our Investments

Our investments are broadly, categorised into Core Investments, Growth Investments and Catalytic Investments

Active Investor

Since 2004, we have invested RM87.9 billion in our companies including 175 discrete new investments

Strategic Divestments

We undertake strategic divestments to enhance private sector participation and build entrepreneurial capacity in key economic sectors

We are active shareholders, collaborating with our investee companies, supporting them where necessary to help them achieve their strategic objectives, including becoming regional players in their own right.

To support the country’s aspiration to become a developed nation, we also participate in a broad array of Catalytic Investments on the home front that are able to deliver financial as well as strategic and societal returns to develop new growth areas, build capacity for the nation and effect transformative changes in the economy in the long term. This can be seen in our initiatives in Iskandar Malaysia, Johor, where we have invested significant resources into the growth corridor’s development, as well as various strategic and developmental sectors.

We also invest – both directly and through our investee companies – in new sectors and geographies that offer strong potential to help build the country’s long-term competitiveness. These Growth Investments, as they are called, include investments that we believe will shape the economy of the future, provide strategic linkages, and enable the nation to tap into new growth areas.

Our investments in Innovation & Technology (I&T) are part of our mandate to create long-term value for Malaysia. While there are certain risks ascribed to such investments, our I&T portfolio is prudently managed to mitigate those risks.

Overall, our investment strategy has allowed us to have a robust investment portfolio that is well- balanced and poised for growth. The net worth adjusted (NWA) of our portfolio stood at RM115.6 billion as at 31 December 2017, having grown at compounded annual growth rate of 9.6% per annum since 2004. This growth has been achieved by balancing an appropriate risk appetite and return-on-investments outlook with the national strategic imperative of having strong, sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

In an ever globalised and evolving environment, Khazanah’s relentless pursuit for national growth has identified innovation as key for Malaysia’s journey towards a high-income economy. We believe investing in innovation will scale the efficiency frontiers and subsequently the nation’s productivity and growth. As a whole, innovation will create a new wave of industries and contribute to the creation of new jobs which is critical for Malaysia’s long-term economic expansion in the global arena.

Khazanah Turkey Regional Office

The Khazanah Turkey Regional Office (KTRO) which opened in 2013, is Khazanah’s fourth regional office after the Beijing, Mumbai and San Francisco offices. KTRO serves as a platform to enhance and strengthen regional investment and business links, including in the Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia and Europe.


Khazanah adopts an active role and macro-management approach as shareholder in its drive for transformative results. We partner our investee companies in a collaborative manner to venture into new markets and work with public and private sector entities to help catalyse growth and development of Malaysia.

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