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Khazanah’s portfolio includes some of the most significant companies in Malaysia, as measured by their strategic importance to the nation. They are GLCs that are involved in diverse sectors such as aviation, financial services, healthcare, infrastructure & construction, power, property and telecommunications.

We invest in new growth sectors and geographies to support transformation of the Malaysian economy. Via these investments, we hope to build new industry linkages and help boost national growth and development.

In supporting Malaysia’s aspiration to become a developed nation, Khazanah embarks on a broad array of investments that seek to generate commercial returns, develop strategic advantages, and build capacity for the nation, especially on the domestic front.

Khazanah Turkey Regional Office

The Khazanah Turkey Regional Office (KTRO) which opened in 2013, is Khazanah’s fourth regional office after the Beijing, Mumbai and San Francisco offices. KTRO serves as a platform to enhance and strengthen regional investment and business links, including in the Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia and Europe.


Khazanah adopts an active role and macro-management approach as shareholder in its drive for transformative results. We partner our investee companies in a collaborative manner to venture into new markets and work with public and private sector entities to help catalyse growth and development of Malaysia.

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